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PGL Copenhagen Major: Quarterfinals Result, Semi-finals Today

The Quarterfinals of PGL Major Copenhagen has completed and we have our 4 final teams of the CS2 Major. Faze Clan, Vitality, Navi and G2 will compete in the semi-finals for the 1.25 million USD prizepool.

PGL Copenhagen Major Playoffs

PGL Copenhagen Major Quarterfinal Result

The Quarterfinals of PGL Major started on March 28th with 8 teams competing for 4 semi-final spots.

On the first day, two quarterfinals were played. First, Team Vitality dominated Cloud 9 and won 2-0 in straight maps. Vitality won Inferno 13-8 and Anubis 13-2. On the other hand, the second quarterfinals was a different story. It was an insanely close series between Faze Clan and Team Spirit. Faze won 2-1, Mirage 13-7, Nuke 16-19 and Vertigo 16-14.

On the second day of playoffs, the remaining 2 quarterfinals were played. Navi ended Eternal Fire's dream run and beat them 2-0, Mirage 16-13 and Inferno 13-9. In the final quarterfinal series, G2 won 2-0 comfortably against Mouz, winning Inferno 13-9 and Vertigo 13-6.

PGL Copenhagen Major: Semi-Finals Schedule

The Semi-finals for Copenhagen Major start on Saturday, March 30th.

  • Faze Clan vs Team Vitality

  • Navi vs G2 Esports

The semi-finals and Finals will have a crazy viewership as the remaining 4 teams arguably have the top 4 biggest fan bases in CS2.


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