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PGL Antwerp Major playoffs start today: Schedule and Results

PGL Antwerp major playoffs are starting on May 19th, Thursday. Final 8 teams will compete for the million USD prize pool. The playoffs will be played in the Antwerps Sportpaleis arena in Antwerp, Belgium on the live stage with crowd.

PGL Antwerp Major playoffs schedule and matchups

PGL Antwerp CSGO Major is the first major of the 2022 season, defending champions NAVI are still in the race to defend their title. World number one Faze is also in the playoffs to secure their first major title.

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PGL Antwerp Major playoffs and Champions Stage schedule

The playoffs of PGL Antwerp Major starts on May 19th. All the series will be best of 3 and will be single elimination. Day 1 of the playoffs will feature two game-

  • Faze vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • Team Spirit vs Furia

In game 1, world number 1 Faze Clane will be the favorite to win. Faze are on a hot streak from the back-to-back tournament victories, they won ESL Pro League and IEM Katowice. Game 2 in between Spirit and Furia is the fight between two underdogs, this playoff is Team Spirit's major debut and Furia eliminated the like of G2 Esports to be in this position.

The remaining two quarterfinals will be played on May 20th-

  • ENCE vs Copenhagen Flames

  • NAVI vs Heroic

PGL Antwerp Major leaderboard and standings

A total of 24 teams participated in CSGO PGL Antwerp Major. The 1 million USD prize pool will be divided among top 16 teams.



USD (winnings)














G2, Vitality, Imperial



BIG, Cloud9, Outsiders



Bad News Eagles, Liquid



forZe, Astralis, Mibr



Complexity ,Eternal Fire, IHC



9z Team, Renegades



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