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Pearl Valorant's new map preview, Split removed from Ranked

Valorant has released their newest map 'PEARL' as the game's eighth map. Split will be removed from the ranked and unranked and will be replaced by Pearl.

The map will be released with Patch 5.0, Episode 5 ACT 1 on June 22, 2022. The new battlepass and skin bundle will also be released with this update. A new rank will be also introduced called Ascendant in between Diamond and Immortal. This will increase the mmr threshold for reaching Immortal and Radiant.

Valorant new map pearl preview

Valorant's new map Pearl preview -

Pearl the Valorant's newest map is an underwater city and a very open map. Some of the popular content creators and players got early access to play the Pearl on June 17th with the release of its trailer, after the first look the map looks very open, clean and clear. Design vise map is built underwater in a dome, you can look up and see the water surface.

Some of the features of Pearl-

  • Very wide and open map

  • Mid will be very important

  • Mid take will be heavily contested

  • Multiple controllers might be viable

  • Good map for operator

Players are seeing the inspiration from the CSGO map designs in Pearl, CSGO maps like Italy and Inferno had some similar feel and parts to this map. The Pearl will be launched to competitive and professional Valorant probably before VCT Stage 2 Champions in Berlin, Pearl will be replacing Split from the active map pool.

Pearl will replace Split in map pool-

Split will be removed from the ranked and unranked queues from June 2 with the release of patch 5.0. Pearl will enter the map pool on July 12 with patch 5.01, while it may enter the map pool in Valorant esports in VCT Stage2 masters Copenhagen. Split will be available in spike rush, custom maps and other game modes.

Riot wanted to keep 7 maps in the pool for the professional valorant so that 2 maps can be banned in a best of 5 series and one map remains as the decider.


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