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Paper Rex vs FPX in VCT Copenhagen Masters Grand Finals

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Paper Rex and FunPlus Phoenix will face each other in the grand finals of VCT Copenhagen 2022 Masters. These last remaining teams will fight for the title of Valorant Champions Tour stage 2 Masters and $200,000 grand prize (650,000 USD total prize pool).

VCT Copenhagen masters grand finals preview and schedule


VCT Copenhagen Masters Grand Finals Preview and Prediction

Paper Rex had a clean run in the upper bracket of VCT masters playoffs, they won all their matchups and beat Optic in the upper final to reach the grand finals. Paper Rex are the first team to reach the grand finals of any international event from South East Asia region.

On the other hand, FPX lost their opening playoffs game and dropped down to lower bracket where they had an insane run. FPX defeat Optic in lower final to secure their spot in the grand finals. Grand Final will be played on Sunday, July 24th and will be a best of 5 game.

With their run in VCT Copenhagen Masters, both these team have qualified for the Champions by securing top spot on their regional leaderboard.

So far in this tournament Paper Rex are looking unstoppable and will be favorites to win in the grand finals. All the games will be available to bet on BetUS. Check out BetUS and get bonus credit for the first time deposit.


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