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Navia Guide and Build: Best Artifact, Teams, Review | Is Navia Worth Pulling?

Navia, the first Geo character in two years has been finally released in the Genshin Impact. Navia is the newest addition to Genshin Fontaine character list in version 4.3 which is out on December 20th, 2023.

Navia build guide genshin impact

Navia has had fans excited since her first preview in the Fontaine trailer, her design and character personality gave her a huge fan base in the Genshin impact community. Navia is a Geo DPS with a quick swap playstyle, she is a Claymore wielder. Here's all the information along with how to build a guide for Navia.

Navia Complete Kit and Abilities Explained

Elemental Skill- Ceremonial Crystalshot

Navia will deal most of her damage through her elemental skill. This skill will deal damage similar to a shotgun and has a close range and hitbox. She will unleash, 5/7/9/11 shard shots when she has 0/1/2/3 crystal shards stacks. When she has more than 3 up to 6 stacks of crystal shard she will get a 15% damage bonus up to 3 stacks on skill damage.

Navia's elemental skill has two charges and has the highest scaling as an elemental skill in the game. When she holds the skill she can aim it and will also absorb the nearby crystallise shards.

Cooldown 9 seconds

Elemental Burst- As the Sunlit Sky's Singing Salute

Navia's burst will deal small AOE damage over time. Whenever this cannon hits opponents, Navia will gain one Crystal shard stack every 2.4 seconds. She will deal 18 instances of damage during this period.

Duration - 12 seconds

Cooldown - 15 seconds

Energy cost - 60

Passive Talents

  • For 4 seconds after using the elemental skill, Navia will get GEO infusion whihc will not be overridden. Also during this, she will deal 40% increased damage from her normal, charged and plunging attack.

  • For each Hydro/Pyro/Electro/Cryo character in the party, Navia will get 20% Atk bonus, maximum 2 stacks.

  • Gains 25% more rewards on the Fontaine expedition.

Navia's Best Artifact Sets and Stats

The overall best artifact set for Navia will be the new "Nighttime Whisper in the Echoing Woods".

But in Furina teams her best set will be Marechaussee Hunter set.

Nighttime Whisper Artifact Genshin Impact 4.3

Artifact Substats for Navia

She is an attack scalling character, with some ER need.

Sands - Attack%

Goblet - Geo Damage Bonus

Circlet - Crit

Navia's Best Teams

Navia being the Geo Character and a new character doesn't currently have any dedicated teams. It has been speculated that she will get new support and character for her best team in future.

Currently, Navia is a solid damage dealer and can be played in quick-swap teams. These are some of her best teams-

  • Navia + Zhongli/Albedo + Bennett + Xiangling

  • Navia + Furina + Bennett + Xiangling

For max damage for Navia

  • Navia + Zhongli + Furina + Bennett

She can be placed in almost any team with a slot to deal solid damage.

Navia's Best Weapon

Navia's Signature weapon "Verdict" will be her best weapon.

  • Serpent Spine (battle pass)

  • Beacon of the Red Sea

  • Redhorn Stonethresher

Best F2P weapons

  • Ultimate overlord's Mega MAgic Sword (event)

  • Sacrifical Greatsword Tidal Shadow (craftable)


Is Navia Woth Pulling?

Navia is a very good character with a fun playstyle. Her worth completely depends upon you, she is not the best character in the game and shapes your account but she will be a great addition and improvement to your account. If you like her character, design and playstyle she is worth pulling for.


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