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Navi won PGL Major, defeat G2 in Grand Finals | PGL Major results

Navi are crowned the champions of PGL Stockholm Major, they defeat G2 2-0 in Grand Finals of PGL Major. navi won 1 million USD and a direct spot in Blast Premier Worlds Finals. G2 won $300,000 USD prize money.

NAVI won PGL Stockholm Major, beat G2 Esports in Grand finals

Navi's super star player s1mple was named tournaments MVP. This win meant a lot for the entire csgo fans base as the undisputed GOAT of the game, s1mple had finally won his first major title.

Navi vs G2 PGL Major grand finals results-

Navi and G2 faced each other in a BO3 final series of the PGL Major. Both teams were undoubtedly the best 2 teams of major and also had top 2 players of the major.

Map 1 was Ancient G2's pick. World number one Navi won their opponents map 16-11 to gain a 1-0 series lead.

Map 2 was Nuke Navi's pick. This map was Navi's home ground as they were unbeatable on this map from previous 17 games. But G2 had some other plans as they gave Navi a tough fight and were at the verge of map victory with a score of 15-10 at one point. But Navi pulled of an insane comeback to force overtime. Navi wo 22-19 in second overtime to win the finals 2-0.

Navi also managed to break many records with this Major win. They joined Astralis as the only team to win IEM Grand Slam and a Major in same year. Navi also became the first team to win a Major title without dropping a single map and went unbeaten.


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