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Navi wins Blast premier Spring Finals, defeat Vitality in grand finals

Navi beat Vitality 2-0 in the grand finals of Blast Premier Spring Finals 2022 and won the title. Navi won USD 200,000 and a direct spot in the Blast World Finals 2022. S1mple was named tournament MVP as he add one more accolade to his collection.

Navi won Blast Primer spring finals 2022, beat vitality in grand finals

Navi is back on top of the world again. After winning the Blast Premier world finals in 2021, Navi had somewhat mediocre tournament runs in 2022 by their standards. Faze overtook them as the world's number 1 team and dominated these few months. But now Navi is now on top again with a dominant performance in Blast Premier spring finals.

Navi vs Vitality Blast Premier Spring Grand Finals result

Navi faced Vitality in the BO3 grand finals of the Blast premier Spring Finals. Navi was favored with the odds of 1.4 to 3.0 over Vitality. Navi was playing with Sdy as a stand-in and Electronic was their IGL to replace Boombl4 who got kicked earlier this month. Despite these shortcomings, Navi behind the heroic of their players won the title of Blast premier Spring Finals 2022.

The first map of the finals was Mirage, Navi won it 16-8 and took a 1-0 lead. The second map was Overpass, Vitality took an early 4-0 lead but Navi bounce back and dominated the entire map to win it 16-5 and won the grand finals 2-0 with a dominant performance. Last year Navi fail short in the Blast premier Spring 2021 grand finals where they lost to Gambit, but this time they completed their run with the title of Spring Finals.

Vitality also had a satisfactory tournament run, they were finally able to reach the grand finals of a tournament with this new roster. After 2021, Vitality added Dupreeh and Magisk to their roster to compete for the titles and to become the world's best, but they didn't had any major success. This is the first time they looked promising and title contender. Vitality won USD 85,000 and 2000 Blast points.

Blast premier Spring final result and overview

In the Blast Spring finals a total of 8 teams participated, some teams surprised everyone while others had a disappointing run. OG with their new roster surprised everyone by winning groups and a semi-final appearance, Vitality also had their first final appearance with this new roster. While G2, ENCE, Faze and BIG had somewhat of a disappointing tournament. G2 yet again failed to win a title as they fall short in the semi-finals.


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