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Navi upsets Liquid in opening game of VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs

Navi beat Team Liquid 2-1 in first round of VCT Stage 3 EMEA Challengers Playoffs and pulled of an incredible upset.

liquid vs navi

Navi just few months ago announced their arrival in Valorant esports scene and this was their first game outside of CIS region. They beat the Team Liquid who was EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Playoffs winner. Navi will now face EU's number 1 seed team Acend in upper bracket round 2, whereas Liquid are dropped in lower bracket where they will fight in a elimination game.

Liquid vs Navi VCT Stage 3 EMEA Challengers Playoffs Result-

CIS roster Navi faced Europe's powerhouse Team Liquid in opening game of Playoffs. Navi were heavy underdogs in this matchup but managed to pull off a massive upset in an incredible Best of 3 series.

Map 1, Navi picked Icebox as their map pick. Liquid had an amazing first half with a score of 9-3 but Navi pulled off and epic comeback to win their map pick 13-10 and got a 1-0 lead in the series.

Liquid answered them back with their map pick of bind. After a super close first half (6-6), Liquid dominated the complete second half (7-1) and took their map pick 13-7 and tied the series 1-1.

Final and decider map was Split, Navi started strong on this map and despite a late comeback attempt by Liquid managed to hold onto lead and took the map 13-11 and series 2-1.


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