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Navi reveals new CSGO Roster, adds three new players

The former CSGO Major winner, Navi has announced their new roster finally after so many rumours and social drama. This new Navi roster will be debuting in the Blast Premier Fall Groups 2023 which is starting on July 13th.

Navi's new csgo roster revealed

Navi had a very rough 2022-23 season and needed a roster change. This will also be a new step for entering the upcoming CS2 era for the counter-strike.

Navi's new CSGO Roster

Navi CSGO has signed three new players to their roster. They are still building their roster around their superstar player s1mple. Navi has benched electroNic, Perfecto and npl from the active roster, they are allowed to look for other teams.

As the replacement for these three players, Navi has signed Aleksib from NiP as their new IGL, Justinas 'jL' Lekavicius from Apeks, and had an impressive performance in Paris Major where they finished 6th. Navi also signed van 'iM' Mihai from Gamer Legion who was 5th in Paris Major.

So the new Navi roster will look like this-

  • s1mple Oleksandr Kostyljev

  • b1t Valerij Vakhovsjkyj

  • Aleksib Aleksi Virolainen

  • jL Justinas Lekavicius

  • iM Ivan Mihai

  • B1ad3 Andrij Ghorodensjkyj (Coach)


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