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NAVI moves to grad finals of PGL Major, defeat Gambit in semi finals | PGL Major results

Navi defeat Gambit 2-0 in semi finals of PGL Stockholm Major to move into Grand Finals of Major. World number one faced no competition from their CIS rivals Gambit and cruised through the semi-finals. Navi will now face G2 esports in Grand Finals of PGL Major on November 7th.

Navi defeat gambit in semi finals of PGL major and qualifies for grand finals.

Gambit ended their PGL major run with a 3rd-4th place finish and $140,000 USD prize money. Gambit won 2-0 against Furia and Navi beat Vitality 2-0 in their respective quarterfinals to reach semi-finals of PGL Major.

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Navi vs Gambit PGL major Semi Finals results-

Map 1 was Overpass, Gambit's pick. Navi won first map 16-8 without any difficulties. Map 2 was Mirage Navi's pick, this map was complete humiliation for Gambit. Navi won the map 16-3 and had 2 knife kills in this map. Gambit combined had 33 kills whereas the superstar player s1mple alone had 27 kills in this map.

The MVP of this semi finals series, s1mple had 50 kills in just 2 maps of semi finals and had an insane rating of 1.87 and NAVI still remain undefeated in PGL Stockholm Major. This game also broke the record for most peak CSGO viewers this major, previously set during navi vs vitality game.

Navi vs Gambit semi finals result PGL Major

Before this BO3 series Gambit had won the 8 of their last 9 BO3 series against NAVI, but NAVI was looking unstoppable in this event. Everyone was expecting this semi final series to be much closer than actual result, according to csgo analysts the lack of experience and pressure of big stage got best of Gambit.


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