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Navi defeat Vitality to move onto Grand Finals of Blast Premier Fall Final

Navi vs Vitality blast premier fall final results

Navi beat Vitality 2-0 in upper bracket finals of Blast Premier Fall Finals to secure a spot in grand finals. World number 1 Navi dominate this series and gave Vitality no chance to fought back.

Navi vs Vitality Blast Premier Fall Final Result-

PGL Major winner Navi faced Vitality in upper bracket finals of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021. The winner of this series would have qualified for grand finals, both these teams are already qualified for World Final.

Map 1 was Inferno, Vitality's pick. Navi dominated on opponents map and won 16-7. Second map was Nuke, Navi's home ground. Navi won 16-6 in an one sided map and took their Nuke win streak to 20 maps. Navi won the series 2-0 in a dominant fashion and moves onto grand finals of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021.

Both the superstar players of Navi had an insane series, s1mple had 46 kills whereas electronic had 42 kills in this series. Electronic had a rating of 1.61 and was MVP of this series.

Vitality are now dropped down to lower bracket where they will face the winner of game in between Heroic and Astralis. Navi will now play in the grand finals at 19:30 CET.


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