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Navi and Vitality moves to upper finals | Blast Premier Fall Finals results and Schedule

On day 2 of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021 Navi and Team Vitality won their respective upper bracket semi finals series to move onto upper finals.

Today (November, 26) there will be 3 games, all three will be lower bracket elimination games and will be played in the Arena with live crowd,

  • Faze vs BIG

  • NiP vs Liquid

  • Astralis vs Faze/BIG

Blast premier fall final results and schedule day 3


Navi vs Heroic semi final Blast Fall Final Results-

Navi faced Heroic in first upper semi finals. World number 1 and major winner Navi was the favourites going into this series. First map was Inferno, Navi won it 16-11. Second map was Mirage. Heroic at one point was ahead 15-5 but Navi than tried an epic comeback at took the score to 15-14, but failed to force overtime. Heroic did the unthinkable and defeated Navi 16-14 and broke the 13 map win streak of Navi. Final map was Overpass, Navi won 16-12 and won the series 2-1.

Heroic are now dropped down to lower bracket, where they will face either Liquid or NiP in an elimination game. Navi are now in upper bracket finals where they will face Team Vitality.

Vitality vs Astralis semi final Blast Fall Final Results-

In Second upper semi finals Vitality faced Astralis. This series was supposed to be very close and it didn't disappoint. Vitality won map 1 Nuke in an insane double overtime game 22-18. Second map was Dust 2, Astralis came out strong and had a 10-0 start. Vitality than had an insane comeback buy Astralis managed to won the map 16-14 to tie the series. Final map of the series was Inferno, Vitality won it 16-11 and won the series 2-1.

Astralis will now face winner of Faze and BIG in lower bracket round 2, whereas Vitality will face Navi in upper bracket finals.

Blast premier fall final results and schedule


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