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NAVI and Gambit secures semi-finals of PGL Major, Furia and Vitality eliminated

Gambit and NAVI qualified for semi-finals of PGL Major

After first day of playoffs, G2 and Heroic are already qualified for semi-finals and will face each other in semis. PGL Major is the first major in more than 2 years and first CS:GO event with live crowd in more than 800 days.

VP, NiP, Furia and Vitality finished the PGL major with a 5th-8th place finish and $70,000 USD prize money.

PGL Major quarterfinals Results and Schedule-

Gambit faced Furia in first game of day 2 of playoffs. Map 1 was Inferno and was super close, after down 15-17 in overtime Gambit managed to pull of an comeback and won the map 19-17. Map 2 was Overpass, this time it was a comfortable win for Gambit as they took the map 16-10 and series 2-0.

Second series of the day was in between NAVI and Vitality, and was a greatly anticipated matchup as the crowd got to witness two of the world's best players s1mple and zywoo go head to head on live stage. Navi won map 1 Dust 2 convincingly with a score of 16-11. Second map was Nuke and Vitality was on verge to upset Navi on map 2, but Navi pulled off an insane comeback to win the map 16-13 and the series 2-0.

Navi after this win on Nuke has a 17 map win streak on Nuke, they are undefeated on Nuke from November 2020. Navi also haven't dropped a single map in PGL Stockholm Major and are looking favourites to win it all.

CIS rivals, Navi and Gambit will now face each other in semi-finals of PGL Major.


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