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Liquid win Challengers 2 beating VGIA 3-1 in finals | VCT Stage 3 EU Challengers 2

Team Liquid won 3-1 against Giants Gaming to win VCT Stage 3 EU Challengers 2. After a disappointed performance in Stage 3 Challengers 1 Liquid showed everyone that why they are still one of the best in Europe. This series concluded the Challengers 2 and finalised the last 2 participants in EMEA Challengers Playoffs, as Team Liquid and VGIA secured the final 2 spots for Challengers Playoffs.

Liquid faced VGIA earlier in this event in upper bracket finals where they got absolutely dismantled by VGIA 2-0 (4-13, 5-13). After that they faced faced Fnatic in lower bracket finals in an exhausting best of 5 series, which they won 3-2 and eliminated Fnatic from VCT Stage 3 and eared their rematch against VGIA in grand finals.

Liquid vs VGIA Grand Finals VCT Stage 3 EU Challengers 2 result-

Liquid won 3-1 in a bo5 series against VGIA to win Stage 3 Challengers 2,

Map 1 was Icebox picked by Liquid and they showed everyone why they picked it as they dominated Giants on this map an won 13-5. Map 2 was Ascent, VGIA's pick and they won it an close game 13-10 tying series 1-1. Map 3 was Breeze picked by Liquid and they won it 13-10 securing a series point with a 2-1 lead. Map 4 was Bind picked by VGIA but Liquid too their map pick 13-6 to win the series and Challengers 2.

Despite this loss VGIA still qualified along with Liquid to EMEA Challengers Playoffs where they will be competing to qualify for Berlin Masters.


VCT Stage 3 EMEA Challengers Playoffs teams-

With this series all the 12 teams for EMEA challengers are finalised, 6 from EU, 3 from Turkey and 3 from CIS region.


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