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Liquid eliminate Fnatic from road to Berlin Masters| VCT Stage 3 EU Challengers 2

Team Liquid beat Fnatic 3-2 in lower bracket finals of Challengers 2 of VCT Stage 3 Europe. With this lose Fnatic are not only out of Challengers 2 but are not be able to qualify for EMEA Challengers Playoffs therefore has no chance to qualify for last Masters of 2021 VCT season.

Team Liquid secured a top 2 finish in Challengers 2 along with Vodafone Giants gaming, both these teams are now qualified for EMEA Challengers Playoffs. In EMEA Challengers Playoffs 12 teams from EMEA region will fight for 4 EMEA spots in Berlin Masters and a total prize pool of €85,500.

After loosing to Giants Gaming both the teams , Liquid and Fnatic faced each other in lower bracket finals for last spot in EMEA challengers playoffs. It was a best of 5 series and these 2 power housed of EU region gave us an epic series to watch, both the teams gave it their all to win.

Liquid vs Fnatic result VCT Stage 3 EU Challengers 2-

In an exhausting b05 series Liquid won 3-2 and move on to Grand finals of Challengers 2 to have their rematch against Giants Gaming.


VCT Stage 3 EMEA Challengers Playoffs teams-

With this series all the 12 teams for EMEA challengers are finalised, 6 from EU, 3 from Turkey and 3 from CIS region,

Top 4 teams of EMEA Challengers Playoffs will qualify for final Masters of 2021 VCT season, Berlin Masters where the teams from all over the world will fight for a direct spot in 2021 Championship.


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