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Liquid beats KRU in group B - VCT Stage 1 Masters results Day 1

VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters has officially begun on Sunday, April 10th. European team Liquid defeat LATAM's KRU in the first matchup of group B. In the opening game of tournament DRX beat ZETA 2-0.

VCT Stage 1 Masters group results

Liquid faced KRU Division in the group B game of VCT Iceland Masters. Liquid are the wildcard in this event and are playing in place of EMEA #1 seed FunPlus Phoenix who were not managed to attend VCT Masters due to ongoing issue in between Russia and Ukraine.


Liquid vs KRU VCT Stage Masters Results-

The group B of the VCT Masters has 4 teams - Liquid, Optic, Xerxia and KRU, from these four teams two will move onto playoffs. Team Liquid and KRU faced each other in opening game of group B, the groups are double elimination style. This was the third time they faced each other on LAN event and are developing an international rivalry.

First map of the series was Fracture, KRU's pick. Liquid dominated the LATAM side and took a 13-5 victory. Second map Ascent was a much more closer game, Liquid managed to force OT with a late comeback and took the map 16-14 and series 2-0.

Liquid are now in the winner's game of group B where they will face the winner of Optic vs Xerxia in the qualification gamer. KRU still has one more chance as they will face the looser of Optic vs Xerxia in lower bracket elimination game.


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