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Liquid beat Sentinels in Valorant Champions and qualified to playoffs | Valorant Champions results

Team Liquid defeat Sentinels 2-1 in Valorant Champions 2021 and qualified for the playoffs.

Liquid b at sentinels valorant champions results

Team Liquid secures playoffs as the number one seed from group B of Valorant Champions and had secured atleast a top 8 finish.

Sentinels vs Team Liquid result Valorant Champions 2021-

The most awaited matchup of the Valorant esports scene finally happened on Day 4 of Valorant Masters Berlin. Team Liquid faced Sentinels in winners match of group B, the winner of this game would have qualified to playoffs of Valorant Champions 2021.

Map 1 was Breeze, sentinels had a 8-4 lead after first half. Liquid then managed to comeback in the map and won first mao 14-12 in overtime.

Map 2 was Bind, Sentinels pick. They dominated Liquid on Bind and won 13-2 to force the final map.

Decider map of the series was Split. Both teams were tied after first half, in the end of second half Liquid managed to won crucial rounds behind some insane team plays to win the mao 13-10 and won the series 2-1.

Sentinels vs liquid valorant Champions result

Liquid now joins the Fnatic and Gambit in playoffs of Valorant Champions. Sentinels will play the winner of game in between KRU and Furia for playoff qualification.


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