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Is Dehya a bad Character? Genshin Impact Dehya banner reveal and review

Hoyoverse recently announced their newest addition to the game, Dehya. She will be added to Genshin Impact in version 3.5 as a 5-star character.

Genshin impact Dehya character banner version 3.5

After the leaks and other information about Dehya's kit, damage numbers, and other utilities, Dehya was seen as the worst 5-star in the game. Dehya is considered worse than even the majority of 4-star characters.

Dehya Kit and abilities explained

Dehya is a split scaling 5-star pyro character and will provide defensive utility and off-on field pyro damage. She will scale on Attack and HP, and with her skill she will provide resistance to interruption and will take the damage dealt to her teammates to herself.

Elemental Skill- Molten Inferno

When an opponent within a Fiery Sanctum field takes DMG, the field will unleash a coordinated attack, dealing AoE Pyro DMG to them based on Dehya's ATK and Max HP. This effect can be triggered once every 2.5s. (Similar to Albed0 skill)

Elemental Burst- Leonine Bite

Dehya will automatically and continuously unleash the Flame-Mane's Fists, dealing Pyro DMG based on her ATK and Max HP, and when its duration ends, she will unleash an Incineration Drive, dealing AoE Pyro DMG based on her ATK and Max HP

Is Dehya worth pulling?

No, the simple answer is that Dehya is not worth pulling for. For those who are not spending a lot of money in Genshin, you should not pull for Dehya. Dehya is not a character that will improve your account in any way. Also, you can get her through the standard banner from version 3.6 onwards.

But if you don't care about game progress and improving your account, and also love the character of Dehya you can do whatever you want since Genshin is not a competitive game. Dehya will not have another rerun since she will be added to the standard banner, so there will be not guarantee that you will get her in the future.

Also, her banner in version 3.5 is mediocre. On her character banner, the featured 4 stars are Bennet, Collei and Barbara. Other than Bennet no one is actually great, Barbara and Collei are given free during the game progress and do not scale well with constellations. So pulling on this banner for f2p players is bad and risky.

Baizhu and Kaveh in 3.6 revealed

Hoyoverse also revealed their upcoming characters in version 3.6. Baizhu (5 star) and Kaveh (4 star) will both be joining Genshin Impact in version 3.6, they both are Dendro characters. In version 3.6 there are speculation for Nahida rerun so the majority of players will be saving for this insane 3.6 version. Therefore it will not be wise to pull for Dehya.

Dehya review and Verdict

Dehya has been so far a disappointing character for the majority of Genshin players. HoyoVerse gave Dehya a lot of screen time and a major role in the game's main story but after her kit was released she became the most disappointing in character of the game, Hoyoverse didn't matched the gameplay with the pre-release hype for Dehya.


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