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IEM summer Playoffs matchups

After a grinding group stages IEM summer XVI playoff matchup are finalised. Sixteen 16 teams fought with each other to secure their place in playoffs and to won the sixteenth edition of Intel Extreme Masters Summer. Six teams move to the playoff stage of IEM summer.

IEM summer group stages-

Group stages for IEM finished on June 6 after a fight in between 16 top tier teams for 9 playoffs spot. 3 teams from each group qualified for playoffs. Some big names like Astralis, Heroic and Fnatic got eliminated early in group stage.

IEM playoffs matchups-

Six teams moved on to playoff stages of this years IEM where they will face each other for 100,000$ prize. Playoffs will start from 11th June, quarterfinals will be played on 11th between Evil Geniuses-Gambit and Vitality-Virtous.Pro. Winner will face G2 and OG on next day in semi finals respectively.

IEM summer prize pool-

$250,000 will be spread among all the sixteen teams along with Pro Tour and Blast Premier points.

Place USD

1st $100,000

2nd $42,000

3rd-4th $20,000

5th-6th $10,000

7th-8th $6,000

9th-12th $5,000

13th-16th $4,000


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