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IEM Cologne : Schedule, Teams, Prize pool, Streams and more

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

CS:GO's most hyped event is here, as the IEM Cologne is starting on July 6th. 24 teams will be participating in Intel Extreme Masters based on their ESL pro tour ranking and world rankings. The event will have a grand prize pool of 1 million USD.

Here is all you need to know about IEM Cologne-

This year's IEM Cologne will be an offline LAN event and will be played in Studio Environment, Cologne, Germany from 6th July to 18th July.

IEM Cologne teams-

24 teams will be participating in this years IEM Cologne.

8 teams are already placed in Group stages as per their PRO Tour points.

16 teams are play in stage, top 8 teams from them will move on to group stages.

Directly Qualified teams-

Play-in Teams-


IEM Cologne Schedule and Format-

Top 8 directly qualified teams are placed in group stages.

  • Play-in's will be played on 6th-7th July.

The remaining 16 teams will face each other in double elimination style play-in games from where the 8 teams will move onto group stages to join other 8 teams.

  • Group stages will be played from July 8th - 11th.

These 16 teams then will be divided in 2 groups of 8 teams and will face each other in double elimination style games. The winner of each group will be placed in semi-finals of playoffs whereas the 2nd and 3rd position from each group will be placed in quarter-finals of playoffs.

  • Playoffs will be played from July 16th - 18th, Grand Finals will be on 18th July.


IEM Cologne Prize Pool-

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne will have a total of 1,000,000$ prize pool , which will be divided into all 24 teams.

1st $400,000

2nd $180,000

3rd-4th $80,000

5th-6th $40,000

7th-8th $24,000

9th-12th $16,000

13th-16th $10,000

17th-20th $4,500

21st-24th $2,500

IEM Cologne will be live streamed on Twitch on official channel of ESL_CSGO.


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