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Hiko retires from pro Valorant, becomes a full time streamer for 100T

Spencer 'Hiko' Martin has announced his retirement from pro Valorant as well as any other esports. Hiko is now a full time streamer and content creator for 100 Thieves. This announcement was made on April 13th just before the new 100T roster reveal.

Hiko retires from pro Valorant, benched from 100T

From his counter strike days to now as the Valorant clutch god he is without a doubt one of the biggest esports personality in North America. Hiko started out his career as a CSGO pro in 2008 and was part of one of the best NA team in 2016 (Team Liquid), after the launch of Valorant in 2020 Hiko became one of the first pros to get signed by an organization. 100 Thieves signed him as the focal point of their Valorant roster, they won the first NA Valorant tournament - First Strike. Since then 100T had some up and down results and many roster changes.

Hiko becomes full time stream for 100 Thieves-

In this early esports scene of Valorant Hiko managed to play on LAN in Valorant Masters 3 berlin in 2021, 100T were placed top 4 in the Berlin Masters. A roster change from 100t was predicted from a very long time and Hiko was rumoured to be one of the players to be benched. Hiko is now a full time streamer and content creator for 100t, he announced on his stream about his new schedule and promised longer streams from late April, he also mentioned doing variety streams.

Arrival of Valorant reignited his gaming career, not only as just pro but also as a streamer got much more exposure. Since the arrival of Valorant he became the staple for Valorant fans to watch and chill on Twitch.

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Apr 18, 2022

one of the best player


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