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Heroic wins Blast Premier Spring Finals 2023

The Blast Premier Spring Finals 2023 grand final was played on Sunday, June,11th. Heroic won the Spring Finals 2023 after beating Team Vitality in the grand finals.

Heroic wins blast spring finals 2023

Heroic vs Vitality grand finals Results

Heroic after beating Imperial Esports 2-1 in the semi-finals, qualified for the grand finals. Whereas Team Vitality beat G2 2-1 to move onto the final.

The current world number 1 and 2 teams face each other in the grand finals of Blast Sprig final 2023. The first map was Vertigo which Heroic won 16-9, Vitality then won Mirage 16-10 to tie the series at 1-1. The final map of the series was Inferno Which Heroic won 16-9 and won the grand finals 2-1.

Heroic with this tournament victory won 200K USD and are now qualified for the Blast world finals 2023. Team Vitality won 85K USD and are also qualified for the world finals.


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