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Global Esports qualified for VCC, defeat God Particles in VCC wildcards

India's Global Esports won 2-0 against their regions God Particles to qualify for main event of VCC. Previous VCC season's champion Global Esports had a tough journey so far in 2022 and will be looking to once again represent South Asia Valorant in APAC challengers and global stages.

Global esports qualify for vcc beat god particles in wildcards

The second qualification series will be played on February 13th Sunday at 14:00 IST between Salt Esports and God Particles which will decide the last team playing in Valorant Conquerors Championship main event of 2022 stage 1.

Global Esports vs God Particles result VCC Wildcards-

GE faced God Particles in the upper bracket finals of VCC wildcard. The winner of this game would have qualified for VCC main event which will start on February 18th to decide the teams qualifying for APAC Challengers.

First map of the series was Bind which GE won 13-8 after a close first half. Second map was Split and GE dominated the God Particles in first half by securing a score line of 11-1 and closed out the map 13-5. GE took the series 2-0 and qualified for VCC main event. SKrossi was named the mvp of this series.

God Particles are now dropped down in lower bracket finals where they will face Pakistan's Salt Esports in a do or die series. The winner of that series will join GE in and 6 other teams in VCC main event whereas the looser will be eliminated from the event.

Salt Esports won their series against M1syl & friends to move onto lower finals. Salt Esports looked comfortable in that series and won it 2-0 (Haven 13-10, Ascent 13-2) in an one sided fashion.


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