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Global Esports eliminated from APAC LCQ after an impressive run

India's Valorant team and first representative in any VCT event Global Esports got eliminated from VCT Asia Pacific Last Chance Qualifiers. GE lost 1-2 to Korea's F4Q in lower bracket of APAC LCQ and sadly got eliminated from the event.

Global esports eliminated from APAC LCQ after loosing to F4Q

This was India's and Global Esports' biggest Valorant event ever, this was the debut for any Indian team in VCT event. This was a great opportunity for team to impress everyone on global stage and the Indian representative didn't failed to do so.

Global Esports showed some insane spirit and skills, as they won their debut game against Damwon Gaming 2-1. After that GE faced one of the best South East Asian team, Paper Rex. GE were no match for PRX and lost 0-2 with an embarrassing map scores of (13-3, 13-0) and dropped down to lower bracket.

Global Esports vs F4Q APAC LCQ result-

Global Esports faced F4Q in lower bracket after loosing to Paper Rex. This was an elimination game. Global Esports came out strong and took the first map Haven 13-10. F4Q replied back by winning Bind 13-9 and tied the series 1-1.

Final and decider map was Split and was an insane map. The map went in triple overtime, both teams were inseparable whole map. In the end F4Q came out on top and won the map 16-14 behind some of GE's small mistakes. F4Q won the series 2-1 and eliminates Global Esports from APA LCQ.

F4Q will now face their regional rival Nuturn gaming in lower bracket round 3.

Global esports vs F4Q APAC LCQ result


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