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Global esports beat Velocity Gaming to win Lethal Esports Invitational

Global esports beat Velocity gaming 3-2 to win Lethal Esports invitational- Season 1. This matchup is now considered to be the el-classico of Indian Valorant Scene as both these teams are facing each other non-stop in Finals of many tournaments.

The top 2 teams of Indian Valorant region faced each other in another grand finals and it felt like the top 2 teams were facing each other. The finals went in all 5 maps where GE took it 3-2 in the end.

As they secured their 13th win in their last 16 tournaments, Global Esports are proven to be unbeatable in India and without any doubt are the number 1 team of Indian valorant scene.

  • Map 1 was Ascent where Vlt took it 14-12 in single overtime.

  • Map 2 was Split and GE took it convincingly 13-5.

  • Map 3 was Icebox and GE again took it 13-7 taking lead in the series.

  • Map 4 was Haven where Vlt took it 13-4 and forced the decider map of the tournament.

  • Map 5 was the final map of the tournament and it was a complete domination as GE took it 13-1 and took the title of Lethal Esports Season 1 with them.

Global Esports took 1,00,000 INR. as the first place prize , Velocity Gaming took 60,000 INR with them and the third place of the tournament was Samurai Esports who won 40,000 INR.

Global Esports current Valorant Roster-

HellrangeR Bhavin Kotwani

KappA Akshay Sinkar

Lightningfast Abhirup Choudhury

SkRossi Ganesh Gangadhar

skillZ Jayanth Ramesh


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