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GG eliminates Nouns from TI12 Playoffs Result TI 12

The TI 12 playoffs final stage has begun. Final 8 teams remain in the race to win Dota 2 The International 2023.

GG vs nouns: TI 12 Playoffs Results

In the lower bracket round 3, Gaimin Gladiators faced nouns in an elimination game. GG were the heavy favorites in this matchup and showed everyone why they were the best team of 2023 season.

GG won 2-0 against nouns, they dominate both the games and stomped noun in 34 min and 25 min. Nouns were heavily out stratetgised by GG, GG picked Chen and fast apced lineup in both games to counter the nouns late game carry picks. GG then just grouped up in both game and out paced the noun.

nouns are now eliminated from TI 12 with a 7th-8th place finish whereas Gaimim Gladiators are now in the lower bracket quarterfinals where they will face the loser of Spirit vs Liquid.

Nouns underdog run

In TI 12 all the North American representatives are eliminated with the nouns elimination. noins were the weakest of all three NA teams and a massive underdog in TI 12.

This performance by noun surprised everyone as they managed to secure a top 8 finish in the most prestigious Dota 2 tournament.


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