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Genshin Impact Nilou, Cyno and Candace new Sumeru character leaks and reveal

Genshin Impact recently had one of the biggest and most exciting updates, HoYoverse released the brand new region -'SUMERU' and the final element 'Dendro' to the Genshin Impact. After version 3.0 Sumeru updated the Genshin Impact and teased the new character players will be able to get in version 3.1-

  • Nilou - 5 star

  • Cyno - 5 star

  • Candace - 4 star

Genshin Impact new sumeru character leaks

Genshin Impact New Sumeru Characters leaks

Version 3.0 of the Genshin Impact announced a bunch of new characters for the SUMERU region, in the 3.0, Tighnari, Collei and Dori were the new characters that were launched. Now in version 3.1 three more new characters will be released, here are their information so far.

NILOU - 5 star

Nilou will be a 5 star Hydro sword sub DPS/ Burst damage dealer. Nilou will have a HP scaling and will have a signature 5 star weapon with HP stat. Her elemental skill will convert her normal attack to hydro for few hits, her burst will be a huge AOE hydro Nuke. Nilou had some part in the main story of version 3.0.

CYNO - 5 star

CYNO will be a 5 star Electro Polearm user, he will be an on-field main DPS character. CYNO will be based around his ultimate ability in which he will wear a mask and entre into a different form. In this he will sue his claws to deal damage, his normal attack will convert into electro damage and will have a different damage multiplier. Cyno will be related to the desert area of Sumeru and will play a major part in that area's story.

CANDACE - 4 star

Candace will be 4 star hydro character and will sue Polearm. By the first looks she will sue a shield and polearm in her playstyle, Candace will most likely be a defensive support character.

These will be the new character launching in version 3.1 of the Genshin Impact Sumeru update. There are still many new upcoming characters that have been confirmed and will slowly be released with the upcoming patches. Kusanali (Dendro lesser Archon), Al Haitham, Dehya, and Scaramouche are some of the characters which are confirmed to be released soon.


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