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Genshin impact new character Ayato leaks and abilities , Yae Miko falls in popularity

Genshin Impact just released a brand new character Yae Miko in patch 2.5 and also announced the new upcoming character 'Kamisato Ayato'. Ayato will be released as first banner of patch 2.6 along with the new region Chasm.

Genshin Imapct kamisato Ayato leaks and skills

Ayato is a Hydro sword user dps character, and will have AOE damage potential as well as fast hydro application for reactions. In game story wise Ayato is the had of the Kamisato Clan of Inazuma's Yashiro commission. It was no doubt that the other Kamisato sibling will also be a playable character since the release of Ayaka.

Ayato skills and burst -

Ayato's elemental skill will infuse his sword with hydro and make his normal attacks to deal fast AOE hydro slashes upto 15 times. This skill will have a high cooldown (>20sec) but this cooldown can be decreased by using normal attacks of other party characters.

Ayato's elemental burst will be a big AOE burst which will dill hydro damage on the enemy present in circle overtime. This burst his highly similar to that of Ganyu's elemental burst and these two character might pair up very well in freeze teams. Also both the Kamisato siblings might also pair up very well in freeze teams.

Ayato's leak impacts Yae Miko's popularity-

Since the 2.3 version Yae Miko was one of the most awaited character in the Genshin Impact. Everyone was waiting for her release but just before the patch 2.5 Genshin also announced the Kamisato Ayato's release in patch 2.6. This divided majority of players to choose between Yae Miko and Ayato excluding the high spender on game.

Genshin Imapct is Yae Miko good to pull for

Yae Miko had insane hype before her release therefore also players felt highly underwhelmed with her kit. The majority of reviews and gameplays were not so positive for her, what she can do is also be done by a 4 star character 'Fischl'. Also just before her release the playstyle and skills of Ayato got leaked which looked insane as compared to Yae Miko. So it may be possible that Hoyoverse overplayed themselves by announcing Kamisato Ayato during the Yae miko's release.

The free to play players are tilting highly towards Ayato as it is highly probable that he is on field main dps character. As a f2p player when you saved primogems for several months to obtain a five star character and f2p player generally goes for an dps character over an off field support or burst damage dealer.


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