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Gambit won IEM Fall CIS, defeat NAVI in grand finals

Gambit wins IEM Fall CIS defeat NAVI in grand final

Gambit defeat their rival NAVI 2-0 in grand finals of Intel Extreme Masters season 16 - Fall CIS (IEM- Fall CIS). Both Gambit and NAVI qualified to PGL Stockholm Major with Legends status along with 3 other CIS teams. Gambit won $17,500 and Navi took $12,000 from $50,000 grand prize pool.

This was the last event for these teams before PGL Stockholm Major, the first major after pandemic, which will start from October 26th. The Stockholm Major will be offline LAN event and is hosted by Stockholm, Sweden. The major will have the grand prize pool of $2 million USD.

Gambit vs NAVI grand finals result IEM Fall CIS -

Gambit and NAVI faced each other 4th time in a grand final in 2021 and after this result both team won 2 finals each. The world number 1 and 2 teams and regional rivals Gambit and Navi, both were qualified to PGL Stockholm Major as Legends even before this event and were playing without no risk.

Gambit won the grand finals BO3 series convincingly, they won the finals 2-0 and sweeped Navi to win title of IEM season 16 Fall CIS. Gambit won Overpass 16-7 and Mirage 16-11.

Gambit vs Navi score IEM Fall grand final

PGL Stockholm Major Teams from CIS-

With the ending of IEM season 16 - Fall CIS all the teams qualified for Major from CIS region is finalised. NAVI and Gambit qualified as Legends, Team Spirit as Challengers and Virtus.Pro and Entropiq as Contenders.

PGL Stockholm Major CIS teams
source : Liquipedia


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