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Gambit wins VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin, defeat Envy 3-0 in grand finals

CIS roster Gambit wins VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin and become world's best, they defeat North America's Team ENVY 3-0 in Grand Finals. Gambit won $225,000 USD and a spot in VCT 2021 Champions after winning Masters.

Gambit wins VCT masters Berlin , defeat Envy in grand finals.
Gambit VCT Master 3 Champions

As Gambit got a direct Spot in VCT Champions, Fnatic managed to qualify for VCT 2021 Champions, they were third on EMEA circuit point leaderboard. Total of 4 EMEA teams will participate in Champions, the last team will qualify through Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ).

Gambit vs Envy result Grand Final VCT Masters-

EMEA #1 gambit faced NA #3 Envy in grand finals of VCT Masters Berlin. The scrim god Gambits faced King Slayers Envy in a best of 5 series for the title of worlds best. Envy were looking at their peak and were unbeatable in the whole tournament, they didn't dropped even a single map before finals.

Gambit vs Envy result grand finals VCT Stage 3 masters Berlin
Gambit defeat Envy in grand finals of VCT masters

Gambit clean sweeped the series against Envy to win the Masters, they defeat Envy 3-0 in grand finals. While the series was pretty one sided by result, it was much closer in reality than it looked.

Map 1 Bind was an insane up and down contest between both teams. After an early lead by Envy Gambit managed to comeback and took the score to 12-10 in their favour. Envy then behind some heroic individual performances managed to force overtime. But Gambit still managed to win the map 1 after 2 overtimes 15-13.

Map 2 Haven was Envy's pick and they again had a strong early game and had a strong 8-4 lead after first half. Gambit then managed to outscore Envy 9-3 in second half to complete their comeback and won the map 13-11.

Gambit managed to get a 2-0 lead in the bo5 series, Envy were in a do or die situation and must win the map third to continue the grand finals. Map 3 was Split, both teams were tied after first half. Gambit then again managed to outperform Envy in second half and took the map 13-9. With this map win Gambit won the grand finals of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin 3-0.

VCT Stage 3 Master Berlin Prize Pool-

Berlin Masters has a grand prize pool of $700,000 and a direct spot to VCT 2021 Champions for the winner.

2nd $125,000 375 - Envy

3rd-4th $85,000 325 - G2, 100T

5th-8th $25,000 275 - Acend, Sentinels, Vision Strikers, KRÜ Esports

13th-15th $10,000 175- Paper Rex, ZETA DIVISION, Havan Liberty

DQ $10,000 175- Bren Esports


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