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Gambit to face Acend in GRAND FINALS of Valorant Champions, beat KRU in semi finals

Gambit defeat KRU 2-1 in an insane BO 3 series to win the semi final of Valorant Champions. valorant Masters 3 winner and tournament favourite Gambit will now face their regional rivals Acend in grand finals of Valorant's first ever world Championship.

Gambit will face Acend in gran final of valorant champions


Gambit vs KRU Semi final results Valorant Champions-

EMEA's Gambit faced LATAM's KRU esports in the final semi final of the Valorant Champions. Gambit were the favourites in this matchup but anything was possible considering KRU's previous results against Fnatic an Sentinels.

gambit vs kru semi final result valorant champions

Map 1 was Breeze, KRU was up 8-4 going into the second half. Gambit then showed everyone that why they are the world's best team and comeback king, Gambit won 9 straight rounds to win the first map 13-8.

Second map of the series was Ascent, after a 7-5 first half KRU this time didn't gave Gambit any chance to comeback and closed the map 13-7 to tie the series and force the decider map.

Final map of the series was Bind, KRU once again had a lead after first half as the had an 8-4 advantage going into second half and managed to extend that lead to 10-4. Gambit then pulled off an insane comeback behind some individual heroic plays to force the overtime. Final map of this series went into 5 overtimes where Gambit emerged victorious 18-16. Gambit won the series 2-1 to move onto grand finals.

With this win Gambit also broke the 10 map win streak of KRU on Bind. Gambit's Chronicles was the most valuable player of this semi final series.

Valorant Champions final day schedule-

The final day of the Valorant Champions 2021 will begin at 18:00 CET with the performances of PVRIS, Rezz, Grabbitz and Zedd.

The grand finals will be played in between Europe's number one Acend and CIS and EMEA number one team Gambit and will be a BO 5 series.. The winner will receive $350,000 USD and title of the world's best and Valorant's first ever world champion.


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