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Valorant Champions Day 2 results and Day 3 schedule | Gambit, Sentinels, Liquid won their games

Valorant Champions 2021 second day had debut of some big names and tournament favourites. Gambit, Sentinels and Liquid won their respective group games and moved on to winner's match. Day 2 of Valorant Champions will have 3 more games including one winner's game to qualify for playoffs.

Valorant champions schedule and results day 2


Valorant Champions Day 2 results-

Day 2 of Valorant Champions, Thursday had 2 group B games and 1 group C games.

In the first series of the day VCT master 2 winner Gambit faced Philippines' Team Secret. First map of the series was Icebox, Secret shocked everyone as they beat Gambit 13-6 in first map without any difficulty. But then gambit showed everyone that why they are the best team in the worlds as they destroyed Secret 13-0 in second map, Breeze. Final map of the series was Bind which Gambit took convincingly 13-6 and won the series 2-1.

Gambit will now face Vikings in winner's match on November 4 and Secret will face Crazy Racoon in an elimination game on December 5.

Sentinels vs Furia result Valorant Champions

Second matchup of the day was Sentinels vs Furia, Sentinels won the first map Ascent in an hard fought battle 13-9. Second map was Breeze and Furia managed to beat tournament favourites Sentinels 13-10 to force a decider map. Final map was Haven and after a strong first half Sentinels was cruising with a 12-4 score line. But Furia then had an incredible comeback to make the score 12-9 by winning 5 straight rounds. After that due to some issue there was a more than 15 minutes technical timeout which broke Furia's momentum and Sentinels won the first round after pause and won the map 13-9.

Everyone is highly upset about this issue and the result might have been completely different if the game would have continued without any break.

Final game of the day was in between Team Liquid and KRU. Liquid were the favourites going into this series and they proved everyone right as they beat KRU 2-0 in an one sided series - Haven 13-5, Ascent 13-8.

Team Liquid will now face Sentinels in winner's match on December 4, this will be the most awaited matchup of the Valorant's esports ever. Furia will face KRU in an elimination game on December 5.

Valorant Champions Day 3 Friday schedule-

Day 2 of Valorant Champions will have 3 more games-

  • Acend vs Keyd Stars - 15:00 CET

  • Fnatic vs Vision Strikers (winner's match) - 18:00 CET

  • Envy vs X10 Crit - 21:00 CET

Valorant champions 2021 day schedule and results

The game between Fnatic and Vision Striker will be the winner's game, which means that the winner of this game will become the first team to qualify for the playoffs of Valorant Champions 2021.


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