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Gambit beat Vikings in Valorant Champions, qualify for playoffs | Valorant Champions Results

Gambit defeat Vikings 2-1 in Valorant Champions group C and qualified for playoffs. Gambit will be entering the playoffs as the number one seed from group C of valorant Champions 2021.

Valorant Champions results Gambit qualified to palyoffs

Everyone was expecting the VCT master 3 Berlin, Gambit to cruise over this matchup but the story was completely different.


Gambit vs Viking Valorant Champions Results-

EMEA's Gambit faced Brazil's Vikings in winner's match of group C. The winner of this game would have qualified for the playoffs of Valorant Champions 2021 : Berlin. Map 1 was Split and after a close first half, Gambit ran away in second half to win the map 13-6. Second map split was also one sided but this time in favour of Viking's as the won Split 13-5 and forced the decider map.

Final map of the series was Icebox and was an insane map. After winning first half by 9-3, Vikings were up 12-5 at one point and had 7 match points. gambit was looking clueless in Icebox, but suddenly Gambit showed everyone that why they are the best teaming world. Gambit won 7 straight rounds to force overtime and then won 2 more rounds to win the map 14-12 and series 2-1.

Gambit have now secured a top 8 finish and a spot in playoffs of Valorant Champions 2021. Vikings will now face winner of game in between team Secret and Crazy Racoons.

This loss was another heartbreak for the Brazilian fans in Valorant Champions. On day 2 Furia almost managed to pull off an upset against Sentinels but due to a long 20 minute technical break failed to do so. And now Vikings failed to beat Gambit in an important match despite having a massive lead in decider map. Vivo Keyd despite winning the series against Acend had faced an forfeit in map 3 Breeze due to an exploit used by Cypher player JHow.


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