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Gambit beat Navi to win Blast Premier Spring | Blast Premier Final

Gambit defeat their regional rival Navi in Blast Premier Spring grand finals 2-0.

Earlier, Navi beat G2 esports 2-1 in lower bracket final to secure their spot in grand finals to face Gambit. It was a rematch as Gambit already defeated Navi in upper bracket finals 2-1.

The world no. 1 roster Gambit are proving to be unbeatable in this online era as they swept their regional rivals in CIS derby grand finals.

Game 1, Navi picked dust 2 as their map pick to go against Gambit in grand finals. But they failed to secure their map pick as they loose 12-16 in a very close game. Ax1Le had 23 kills for Gambit which was highest in this map.

Game 2, Gambit picked Mirage as their map pick and showed whey they picked it. they took this map 16-11 and complete the clean sweep in grand finals. sh1ro had 26 kills for Gambit in this map.

After winning Blast premier Spring the world no. 1 team Gambit are qualified for Blast premier world finals. They join the Heroic in the world finals. The Blast Premier World Finals will have 1 million $ prize pool and the winner will get 500,000 as grand prize.

As for Navi they are currently in 3rd position in the leader board will qualify for the world finals if they will stay in top 5 or win any of upcoming events.

Blast Premier Spring Prize pool and positions-

1st $225,000 4000 pts Gambit Esports

2nd $85,000 2000 pts Natus Vincere

3rd $40,000 1500 pts G2 Esports

4th $25,000 1000 pts Ninjas in Pyjamas

5th-6th $15,000 500 pts BIG, Complexity Gaming

7th-8th $10,000 250 pts Evil Geniuses, FaZe Clan

Current Gambit Roster-

nafany Vladislav Gorshkov

sh1ro Dmitry Sokolov

interz Timofey Yakushin

Ax1Le Sergey Rykhtorov

Hobbit Abay Khassenov

groove(Coach) Konstantin Pikiner


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