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Gambit and KRU qualified to semi finals of Valorant Champions, Fnatic and X10 eliminated

Valorant Champions 2021 quarterfinals has been completed as all four of the teams playing in semi-finals has been finalised. After the second day of quarterfinals and playoffs, Gambit and KRU joined Liquid and Acend in the semi-finals of valorant Champions 2021, they defeat X10 Crit and Fnatic respectively.

The semi-finals of Valorant's first ever world Championship will be played on Saturday, December 11.

  • Acend vs Team Liquid

  • Gambit vs KRU

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Gambit vs X10 quarterfinals result Valorant Champions-

Gambit faced X10 in the quarterfinals of Valorant Champions. Gambit were the heavy favourites in this matchups but X10 gave Gambit a tough fight and managed to force the third map in series. In the end Gambit still managed to win the series 2-1 (Fracture 13-7, Ascent 7-13 and Breeze 13-7).

Gambit will now face KRU in semi final whereas X10 has been eliminated with a 5th-8th place finish and $40,000 USD. With the elimination of X10 the all the representative of Asia has been eliminated.

Fnatic vs KRU quarterfinals result valorant Champions-

LATAM's KRU face EMEA's Fnatic in final quarterfinal of Valorant Champions. KRU despite all the odd win this series 2-1 (Haven 15-13, Icebox 6-13 and Split 13-8). KRU has become the giant slayers in this tournament as they first eliminated Sentinels in group stage and no Fnatic in playoffs, they are the dark horses in this tournament.

KRU will now face Gambit in semi final on Saturday, Fnatic has been eliminated with a 5th-8th place finish and $40,000 USD.


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