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Gambit and ENVY moves to grand finals, beat G2 and 100T in semi-finals of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin

Gambit defeat g2 in semi-finals, qualifies for finals of VCT stage 3 Masters Berlin.

CIS roster and EMEA #1 Gambit will face NA #3 in grand finals of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin. Gambit defeated G2 esports 2-0, whereas ENVY defeat 100 Thieves 2-0 in semi-finals. Gambit and ENVY will now face each other in grand finals to win $225,ooo USD grand prize and a chance to be worlds best.

Fans and the whole Valorant esports scene is super excited to see NA vs EMEA matchup in grand finals of biggest Valorant event so far. Both Gambit and ENVY are qualified for VCT 2021 Championship as they have secured top 2 spots in their regional leader board.

Gambit vs G2 semi-finals result VCT Masters Berlin-

Regional rivals Gambit and G2 faced each other in first semi-final of masters 3. Gambit were the favourites of the tournament whereas G2 were the giant slayers as they are the first team to beat Sentinels on international LAN.

This matchup was highly anticipated but the result was contrary to that, Gambit destroyed G2 esports in this best of 3 series. Gambit won the series 2-0, G2 had a strong first map but lost 13-10 on Breeze. G2 then picked their strongest map Icebox but the result implied differently, Gambit dismantled G2 on Icebox and beat them with a record making score line of 13-0. G2 stood no chance against gambit on Icebox and got eliminated from tournament after a embarrassing lose.

Envy vs 100T semi-finals result VCT Masters Berlin-

NA's #2 and #3 seed faced each other in semi-finals. Envy were looking unstoppable going into this matchup as they defeated the defending champions Sentinels in quarterfinals and hadn't dropped a single map in the event so far. 100T were showing everyone their LAN experience as they had some insane comebacks against Acend and Gambit in the Masters 3.

ENVY looked on a level ahead of 100T in this series and took this series convincingly 2-0. ENVY won their map pick Haven 13-5 and 100T's map pick Ascent 13-8.

G2 esports and 100 Thieves finished their tournament with a 3rd-4th place finish and $85,000 prize money from a $700,000 grand prize pool.

G2 are out of contention to qualify for Championship through circuit point, they will now play in Last Chance qualifiers to qualify for Championship. If Gambit won the Masters 3 then Fnatic will qualify for VCT 2021 Championship from EMEA along with Acend who are already qualified no matter the result of grand finals.

100 Thieves still had a chance to qualify for Championship through Circuit Point if ENVY win the Masters 3, if not then 100T will fight in Last Chance qualifiers to secure the last spot in VCT 2021 Championship.


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