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G2 reach Grand Finals of IEM Cologne after beating Astralis

G2 esports beat Astralis 2-1 in semi finals of IEM Cologne. After this win G2 secured their spot in Grand Finals of IEM Cologne an will face the winner of game between Navi and Faze. Grand Finals will be played tomorrow at 16:00 CEST.

Amanek of G2 esports was the most valuable player of the series with total 61 kills which was highest in this series and a rating of 1.17. Dupreeh had 60 kills for Astralis and an rating of 1.09.

G2 vs Astralis Semi finals Result IEM Cologne-

Map 1 was Nuke and picked by Nuke but G2 answered their map pick by a complete dominating performance. G2 took Nuke 16-6 and took a 1-0 series lead behind Amanek's 25 frags.

Map 2 was G2's pick and it was Dust 2. Astralis came out suepr strong on this map as they took a 11-4 lead in first half. Despite G2's great comeback attempt Astralis took this map 16-12 and tied the series 1-1.

Final and decider map was inferno and it was an epic game. The map went all 30 rounds and both teams went head to head every round. When the dust settled it was G2 who came out on top as they took this map 16-14 and the series 2-1. Hunter had 23 kills in this game.

G2 are now the first team to qualify for Grand Finals of IEM Cologne, they will face the winner of Navi and Faze. Sadly for Astralis their journey in Cologne ends here. Astralis secured a 3rd-4th position and $80,000.


IEM Cologne Prize Pool-

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne will have a total of 1,000,000$ prize pool , which will be divided into all 24 teams.

1st $400,000

2nd $180,000

3rd-4th $80,000

5th-6th $40,000

7th-8th $24,000

9th-12th $16,000

13th-16th $10,000

17th-20th $4,500

21st-24th $2,500

IEM Cologne will be live streamed on Twitch on official channel of ESL_CSGO.


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