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G2 Esports benches Keloqz from Valorant roster | G2 signs Meddo and Hoody

G2 esports and keloqz parted ways with each other after an unexpected announcement. G2 also benched their coach Neilzinho. G2 signs three members of Vodafone Giants Gaming to their roster - Meddo, hoody and pipson (coach). This new roster of G2 esports will be debuting in the VCT 2022 season in EMEA.

Why G2 benched Keloqz ?

The star Jett player of G2 esports was considered among some of the best players after the Valorant Stage 3 Masters Berlin and the G2 had an impressive run in Berlin masters with keloqz. Keloqz was considered by the fans as one of the top players in G2 esports, therefore no one was expecting this announcement. According to many sources the main reason behind this decision was the internal team issues. The secondary duelist of g2 esports, Nukkye and keloqz had some issues with each other which led to this decision, also their star player Mixwell was forced to play the support role after the Keloqz joined the squad.

This former roster of G2 with Keloqz was the first ever roster to defeat Sentinels on an international stage and any LAN event. They defeated Sentinels during the group stages of VCT Stage 3 Berlin Masters and did the unthinkable.

Along with keloqz, G2 also parted ways with their head coach Neilzinho, their IGL Koldamenta also left the team earlier in start of December. All of them are allowed to explore opportunities with different organizations. Mixwell will probably be back to his main role as Jett and duelist player for G2. The new signings Meddo and Hoody will be filling the rosters with mostly support and initiator role. And the head coach position is given to Pipson, all these three new signings were from the roster of Vodafone Giants Gaming.


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