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G2 esports and LDN United qualified to VCT EMEA stage 1 Challengers | EU qualifiers 2 results

VCT stage 1 EMEA challengers has finalized all the 12 teams which will be participating in the challengers. After the Europe second closed qualifiers, G2 esports and LDN united qualified to EMEA Challengers and joined rest 10 teams in stage 1 challengers. Teams will be competing in EMEA stage 1 challengers for a place in VCT stage 1 masters.

G2 and LDN moved to EMEA Challengers by EU closed qualifiers-

After a disastrous first qualifier G2 entered in this closed qualifiers with some roster change, they benched mixwell and re signed keloqz to the roster. Also nukkye became their full time in game leader. This change worked for g2 as they won the qualifiers to move onto challenges. G2 had a clean upper bracket run throughout the qualifiers.

On the other hand LDN united was a brand new roster and was playing for the first time in an VCT event. They defeated the likes of Vitality and Tenstar to qualfiy for VCT EMEA stage 1 Challengers. Opposite of G2, LDN were dropped to lower bracket after first game and then had an impressive un through entire lower bracket till the final, where they defeat Excel Esports 3-0.

G2 and LDNN qualified to emea challengers after winning eu closed qualifiers 2

VCT EMEA Challengers all qualified teams-

Total of 12 teams will compete in EMEA Challengers form 3 regions - Europe, CIS and Turkey.

Group A-






EU closed 1

FunPlus Phoenix

CIS closed 1


EU closed 2


CIS clsoed2

Group B-





SuperMassive Blaze

Turkey closed 1

Guild esports

EU closed 1

BBL esports

Turkey closed 2

G2 esports

EU closed 2


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