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G2 beat Heroic in semi-finals of PGL Major | PGL Major results

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

G2 Esports moves to grand finals of PGL Stockholm Major after defeating Heroic 2-1 in semi-finals. This BO3 series was probably the best series of the Major so far. G2 will face the winner of game between Navi and Gambit in grand final. Niko had an insane performance in this series and went god mode to help G2 won this insane series.

G2 moves to grand finals of PGL major, defeat Heroic 2-1 in semi-finals.

Heroic ended their major run with a 3rd-4th place finish and won $140,000 USD prize money. G2 has secured a top 2 finish and will play one of the CIS teams in grand finals on November 7th.


G2 vs Heroic PGL Major semi final results-

G2 beat NiP 2-0 and Heroic beat VP 2-1 in their respective quarterfinals to face each other in semi-finals. G2 were looking in form and dominant in the Major so far, G2 hadn't dropped a single map before the semi finals.

Map 1 was Nuke Heroic's pick, G2 lost their first map of the major as Heroic won 16-12 in a close game. Map 2 was Mirage G2's pick, G2 won the map convincingly with a score of 16-10 and tied the series 1-1.

G2 vs Heroic results PGL Stockholm Major results

Final and decider map of the series was Inferno and was one of the craziest game of the Stockholm Major. Heroic came out strong and took a early 6-1 lead, G2 than fought back and took the score to 13-6 in their favour. Heroic than broke the G2's momentum and won 8 straight rounds to make the score 13-14, in the end the map went in overtime. In OT G2 gave Heroic no chance and won 4 straight rounds to win the map 19-15 and won the semi-finals 2-1.


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