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Forze eliminates FPX, plays longest VCT game | VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs

CIS roster Forze eliminated European powerhouse FPX from VCT Stage3 EMEA Challengers Playoffs. They defeat FPX in an epic best o f3 series 2-1. Forze will now face Team Liquid in the next round of Lower bracket.

Forze vs FPX, Longest game ever in VCT -

The second map of this series was Bind which end up to be the longest map in VCT history. The map had 11 overtimes, 46 rounds and end up at a score of 24-22 in favour of Forze.

Before this map Forze was down 0-1 in series and was facing elimination, it was incredible to see them up their game in this exhausting map and how they managed to stay energetic till the end. This was arguably the best of game Valorant's pro scene so far as not only the length was impressive but also the individual plays and clutches in this game was out of the world.

FPX vs Forze result- VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs :

FPX face Forze in lower bracket elimination game of EMEA Challengers Playoffs. Forze lost to Guild in first round to dropped in lower bracket whereas FPX lost to SuperMassive Blaze in second round. It was an important series as the looser would have eliminated from Playoffs and lost all the hopes to qualify for Berlin Masters.

Map 1, FPX picked Icebox and dominated Forze completely. They won 13-4 on their map pick and took a 1-0 lead in series.

Map 2 was Bind picked by Forze and was their last hope to stay in this event. They had an insane performance in this marathon of a game , winning in 11 overtimes 24-22 to force map 3.

Map 3 was final and decider map of the series and was Split. Forze had an impressive first half with 8 rounds, and managed to cling on to this lead to close out the map 13-8 and series 2-1.

Forze will now face team Liquid in lower bracket elimination game. Whereas for FPX this ends their journey and hopes to qualify for Berlin Masters and has almost no chance to qualify for Championship.


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