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Fnatic win VCT Lock//In, beat LOUD in Grand Finals

Fnatic are the VCT Lock//In champions, they won the first international Valorant event of 2023 season. After winning VCT Lock//In, Fnatic won 100K USD and gave EMEA an extra slot for the VCT Champions 2023.

Fnatic win vct lock//in defeat loud in grand finals.

Fnatic vs LOUD result- VCT Lock//In Grand Finals

Fnatic and LOUD faced each other in the grand finals of VCT Lock//In. This was a best of 5 series, Fnatic won the first 2 maps - Ascent 13-8 and Fracture 13-7. After the first two maps, Fnatic looked unstoppable and the series looked over. LOUD then managed to win the third and fourth map to tie the series, Split 13-9 and Lotus 13-8.

The series was tied 2-2, the home crowd and momentum was with LOUD and they took complete advantage of it. LOUD in the final map, Icebox took a 9-3 first half lead. Fnatic then pulled off an insane comeback and won the map on overtime 14-12. Fnatic won the series 3-2 and became the VCT lock//in 2023 champions.

Fnatic's Leo won the grand finals MVP. Fnatic was the runner up of the first evet Valorant international event in Reykjavik Masters and now they finally won their first-ever trophy. Fnatic was undefeated entering the grand finals matchup in the VCT Lock//In.

VCT Lock//In final results and leaderboard

In total 32 teams participated in the VTC lock in 2023 which had 500k USD prizepool.











DRX, Navi



NRG, Talon, Leviatan, 100T



Giants, CLoud9, Karmine, EG, vitality, Secret, FUT, Furia



KOI, DetonatioN, Gen.G, FPX, BBL, PRX, Heretics, MIBR, Liquid, KRU, Zeta, Global E, RRQ, EDG, Sentinels, T1


VCT partner teams are paid 50% of net proceeds from the VCT LOCK//IN Capsule Collection.


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