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Fnatic vs KRU : VCT Stage 2 master Opening Game

The most awaited valorant tournament starts today (24th May Monday). Fnatic and KRU faces each other in the opening game and it was a

complete one sided affair.

European roster of Fnatic beat the Latin American team KRU 2-0 in first round matchup. Fnatic will face Sentinels next and KRU are dropped in lower bracket.

Map 1 HAVEN-

KRU picked Haven as first map, while everyone was hoping to see a close game, Fnatic dominated KRU. KRU won both pistols and round after pistols but still lost 4-13.


Fnatic picked icebox as second map of series and showed us why they picked it. KRU again won both pistols and next round but that was the only rounds they won and lost 13-4 again.

KRU showed glimpses of a great team but failed to convert them into round wins. Well they proved to be unbeatable in pistols round which is always a good sign for any time but other than that they failed to secure any gun rounds. All of the 8 rounds they won in this series were 4 pistol rounds and 4 rounds after pistols.


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