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Fnatic qualify for VCT Stage 1 Masters after 10 OT game against M3C | VCT EMEA Challengers result

Fnatic has become the first team to qualify for VCT Stage 1 Masters in Reykjavik, Iceland. They secured a top 3 finish in VCT EMEA Challengers after defeating M3C 2-1 in playoffs. A total of 16 teams will qualify for VCT Stage 1 Masters and 3 of those slots are reserved for EMEA region. One of these spots is now secured by Fnatic which leaves 2 more EMEA spots.

Fnatic beat M3C to qualify for VCT Stage 1 Iceland Masters

Fnatic vs M3C VCT EMEA Playoffs results-

The group B winners, Fnatic were placed directly in upper bracket round 2 of playoffs whereas M3C beat Guild 2-0 in the first round of playoffs move onto the qualification game against Fnatic in upper bracket. This series was very important for both these teams as the winner of this series would have qualified for VCT Stage 1 Masters.

The first map of the series was Fracture, Fnatic won their map pick 13-11 in an insanely close series. Fnatic is so far unbeaten on this map in the official games. Second game of the series was Bind, M3C took the map 13-8 and tied the series to 1-1.

Final map of this series was Split and was a treat for the viewers. Fnatic had a 9-3 lead after the first half, but M3C pulled off an insane comeback to tie the score and force overtime. From their on it was a continuous trade of rounds in between these two teams. After 10 overtimes Fnatic finally managed to clos off the map 23-21 and took the series 2-1. Fnatic with this win moves onto upper bracket finals and secures a top 3 finish as well a Masters 1 spot.

M3C are now dropped down to lower bracket where they will face G2 Esports in an elimination series on March 24th.

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