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Fnatic beat TNC to reach Finals | TI 10 SEA Qualifiers

Fnatic beat TNC Predator 2-0 in upper bracket finals of SEA TI 10 qualifiers. After this win Fnatic are now the first team to reach finals of sea qualifiers for TI 10 where they will face the winner of lower bracket finals.

While the series looked a 2-0 one sided affair it was actually much more closer than it looks. In these SEA qualifiers we are seeing 50min.+ games every series and this series were no different. First game was a 59 min. long game where Fnatic took it and took the 1-0 lead in upper bracket finals. Second game was a 71 min. long brawl between these 2 SEA powerhouses. Fnatic won game 2 and series to secure their spot in grand finals of SEA TI 10 qualifiers .

TNC predator will now face Boom Esports in lower bracket finals. They had already faced one another once in Upper Bracket R2 which was an epic series where TNC won 2-1. In that series theses teams played a 66 min. and a 75 min. game and proved that both teams are equally skilled.

The winner of lower bracket finals between TNC and Boom will face Fnatic in Grand finals to qualify for The International 10. T1 are already qualified for TI 10 from SEA region through Direct Invite as per their standing in DPC leaderboard.

Current Fnatic Dota 2 roster-

Raven Marc Polo Luis Faust

ChYuan Ng Kee Chyuan

Deth Yang Wu Heng

Jabz Anucha Jirawong

DJ Djardel Mampusti


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