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Faze wins CS2 IEM Sydney 2023 | Faze vs Complexity Result

Faze Clan are the IEM Sydney 2023 winner. Faze beat Complexity 2-1 in the grand finals to win $100K USD and the title of first ever CS2 international event winner.

Faze wins IEM Sydney 2023

Despite losing in the finals it was a very good event for Complexity as this is the first time this roster of Complexity looked good. And the Faze Clan finally managed to reach the top of the world once again after some mediocre tournaments. Faze's Ropz was named MVP of the IEM Sydney.

Faze vs Complexity: IEM Sydney Grand Finals

In the grand final of CS2's first ever LAN event, Faze and Complexity went head to head for the title of IEM Sydney.

Faze Clan lost their opening game in the group stage and dropped down to the lower bracket. Faze then had an insane run to qualify for the grand finals, they beat Mouz 2- in the semi-finals. Complexity also had a tough start to the event and qualified for the final after going through the lower bracket in the group stage, Complexity upsets G2 Esports 2-0 to qualify for the grand finals.

The grand finals was a best of 3 series and didn't disappoint fans and went to all 3 maps. Complexity shocked Faze to win the first map, Overpass 13-11. Faze won Nuke 13-1 to tie the series at 1-1 and force the decider map.

The decider map for IEM Sydney was Ancient, and after the regulation, both teams were tied at 13-13 to force overtime. After the first overtime both teams were tied again and the game went to second OT where Faze Clan won the map 19-16 and won the IEM Sydney 2023.

IEM Sydeny: Final Results and Prizepool

IEM Sydney has $250K prizepool which will be divided among all 16 teams.





Faze Clan






G2 Esports, Mouz



ENCE, BetBoom



GamerLegion, Monte



Navi, Apeks, Cloud9, Fnatic



Vitality, Vertex, Lynn Vision, Grayhound



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