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Faze eliminates BIG from Blast premier Fall Finals | CSGO Fall Final 2021 results

Faze vs BIG result Blast Premier Fall Finals 2021

Faze Clan defeat BIG 2-0 in lower bracket round 1 of Blast Premier Fall Final. With this loss BIG are the first team to be eliminated from Blast Premier Fall Final as 7th-8th place finish and $10,000 USD. This game was the opening game on the live stage with live crowd in Royal Arena, Copenhagen

After loosing in their respective opening games, both these teams faced each other in lower bracket round 1 elimination series. The series was a pretty one sided as Faze won in straight games 2-0 ( Dust 2 16-11 and Inferno 16-9),

BIG are now eliminated from race to qualify for Blast premier World Final whereas Faze still has a chance but they need to win the Fall Final.

Faze will now face Astralis later today in round 2 of lower bracket, this series will also be an elimination series. Astralis dropped down to lower bracket after loosing against Vitality in upper bracket semi-finals.


Astralis an Faze both are still not qualified for World Finals. The winner of series between them will probably qualify for Blast World Final 2021 which will be played later this year in December. The World Finals will have a grand prize pool of 1 millions USD.


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