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Faze Clan wins PGL Antwerp MAJOR, defeat Navi in grand final

Faze Clan beat Navi to become the PGL Antwerp Major champions. Faze win the grand final 2-0 to win their first ever major title, Rain was named MVP of the tournament. Faze won 500,000 USD and a spot in the Blast Premier 2022 World finals.

Faze wins PGL Antwerp major 2022, beat Navi 2-0 in grand finals

The grand finals of PGL Antwerp major had a peak viewership of 2.1 million and broke the csgo record. This major and crowd proved yet again that CSGO is without a doubt the greatest esports ever. Faze Clan with this Major win creates many records and history. This was the first ever international squad to win a Major, the first major for Faze organization, first major for every five of these players, Karrigan became the oldest player (32) to win a Major.

Faze vs Navi: PGL Antwerp Major grand final result

World number one (Faze) and two faced each other in the grand finals of PGL Antwerp Major. Navi was the defending major champions and Faze was coming off from the back to back tournament victories from IEM Katowice and ESL Pro League S15. Both these teams were crowd favorites and were a potential final matchup from the event's start. In their playoff runs, Faze beat NiP and Team Spirit whereas NAVI defeat Heroic and ENCE to reach the grand finals of PGL Antwerp Major.

The grand finals were BO3, and the first map was Inferno. Faze started strong and had an 8-0 lead and finished the first half with a 10-5 score. Navi down 5-12 managed to come back in the game and took a 15-13 lead with two map points. Faze managed to force overtime and closed out the map 19-16 in first overtime.

Second map of the series was Nuke, again Faze started strong and had 10-5 lead at half time but this time they didn't give Navi a chance to come back in the game and won the map 16-10 and took the series 2-0 to win the major.


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