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Ethan joins NRG Valorant after leaving 100T

NA Valorant organization, NRG has signed Ethan 'Ethan' Arnold to their Valorant roster. NRG with this signing, will be looking to get that needed boost to be a consistent performer in North American Valorant scene.

Ethan joins NRG after leaving 100T

This is the second time Ethan will be a part of NRG org. In 2018 NRG signed him in their CSGO roster, that team were the number one NA team at that time. Now Ethan will once again be the part of NRG but this time as a Valorant professional.

After a disappointing end to last year and bad start of 2022, Ethan in mid April of 2022 Ethan announced that he will be leaving 100T and will be looking for different opportunities. 100Thieves was also looking to do some major roster changes. After this signing he also revealed that Sentinels were looking to sign him to replace zombs, but that deal didn't went through.

NRG new Valorant roster-

Ethan will be replacing Android from the NRG roster, Android is now moved to bench and is allowed to explore opportunities with other organisation.


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