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ESL Pro League playoffs result- Quarterfinals schedule and matchups

ESL pro league season 15 has finished its round of 12 in playoffs and is moving to the quarterfinals stage. After first two days of playoffs, 4 teams got eliminated after loosing their games in round of 12. ENCE, Faze, Liquid and Astralis won their round if 12 series to move onto quarterfinals of ESL Pro League season 15.

ESL Pro League round of 12 results-

On day 1 of playoffs two round of 12 series were played. In first series ENCE defeat Fnatic 2-0 in an one sided series - Overpass 16-12 and Nuke 16-12. Second series of the day 1 was between Faze and Players (Virtus.Pro). Both teams were equally matched but Faze won the series 2-1, Inferno 16-4, Mirage 5-16 and Overpass 16-9.

On day 2 of the ESL Pro league playoffs the remaining two round of 12 matchups were played. Astralis barely managed to win against Entropiq in an insanely close series. Astralis won 2-1, Nuke 16-14, Vertigo 15-18 and Over[ass 16-14. Liquid upset Heroic in the last round of 12 series, Team Liquid won Ancient 16-9 and Vertigo 16-10.

ESL Pro League quarterfinals schedule-

The four winning team of round of 12 are now in quarterfinals where they will face the group winners, who were directly placed in the quarterfinals.

On April 7th -

  • Movistar Riders vs ENCE

  • NiP vs Team Liquid

On April 8th-

  • Furia vs Astralis

  • NAVI vs Faze

The first series of the day will start at 15:30 CEST and second series will start at 19:00 CEST.


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